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Summertown Metals has been a leading supplier of metal roofing, siding, and lumber for residential and agricultrial buildings for over 10 years.  With more than a 100 years combined experience we are more than just a supplier of building supplies; we are family owned and operated. Our mission is to provide quality building materials to the public along with excellent service to each and every valued customer. Providing a safe and stable workplace for our team members and increasing the value and quality of thier lives is of utmost importance.

Ownership Team

Matt Stoll


Matt is a licensed contractor and has been in the business for over 14 years. Some of Matt's primary roles besides ownership decisions, include building estimation, fleet managment, and human rescources.


Eric Stoll


Eric has been with Summertown Metals since the beginning and has served in all areas of the company. Eric's primary role is managing day to day operations along with delivery coordination. 


Derek Stoll


Derek has been erecting buildings for over 5 years and solely owned a very successful business of his own. Derek decided to merge with his brothers at Summertown Metals. Derek's primary role is big barn estimation and contractor scheduling.


Office Team

John Stoll

Customer Service

John owned Summertown Metals for 10 years and as the years went by it was time to slow down. John still works every day but does not have the challenges of ownership. John's primary roles include lumber buyer and building estimator.

Jason Snook

Customer Service

Jason has been with the company since September 2014 and has been in the building industry since 1994. Jason's primary roles include residential, small barn estimation, windows, doors, inventory control and technology.


Elliot Coleman

Customer Service

Elliot has been with the company since April 2016 and has been in the building industry over 7 years. Elliot's primary roles include residential and small barn estimation, windows, doors, fiber cement, and designated CRM services.


Office Team

Henry Troyer

Customer Service

Henry joined our team in December 2016 and is very knowledgeable in barn construction. Henry ran his own crew for several years. Henry's primary role is big barn estimation.


Clara Stoll

Customer Service

Clara joined our team in April 2016 and is also the wife of Derek. Clara's primary role is customer service and accounts receivables.


Lewis Stoll

Customer Service

Lewis has worked on and off for several years. Lewis's primary roles are barn estimation, new customer relations and location exploration.

Roll Forming & Trim Shop Guys

Roll Forming Guys

Our roll forming guys are the busiest around. Averaging around 3,000,000 feet per year, there is not alot of down time. Pictured (L-R) Robert Cardenas and Brock Whitmere

Custom Trim Guys

Our trim shop guys are almost limitless for supplying your custom trim needs. Pictured (L-R) Jackie Gray, Tony Baker, and Ryan Reynolds

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