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Below you will find answers to many common questions our customers have asked over the years. If you can not find the the answer to your question you are always welcome to call our office and talk with one of our knowledgable sales staff.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

All quotes expire after 7 days.
Yes, for Farm & Ag and Garages try our NEW online building estimator here! We update the material prices frequently to ensure accuracy!
For custom Barndominium and Home quotes you must have a blueprint from our blueprint department or comparable quality blueprint to receive an estimate. Due to the wide verity of options and expectations in a home our salesmen need the blueprint to provide an accurate estimate.
We will ship materials anywhere in a 200 mile radius of our office in Summertown, TN.
Building services are available within a 150 mile radius of our main office in Summertown, TN through one of our preferred independent contractors or partner companies.
Building services are available within 200 mile radius of our main office in Summertown, TN through one of our preferred independent contractors or partner companies.
We are pleased to now partner with Peoples Bank to simplify the financing process and streamline your purchase experience! Peoples Bank is made up of honest people who seek customers who share the same values. This bank is all about quality customer service. Learn more here!
We offer a large variety of quality building products including lumber, sheet metal, wood and metal trusses, and doors and windows. We also sell building kits for the residential, agricultural, and commercial markets. Through our partners we can also provide full contracting services to take your project from conception to completion including CAD design, engineering drawings, and complete project management.
Our metal panels and trim are protected by the industry leading AkzoNobel CERAM-A-STAR 1050 paint system which has a 40-year manufacturer warranty. Learn more about AkzoNobel paint here: Our buildings have a one year warranty when constructed by one of our licensed and insured partners.
No. we specialize in the exterior shell. The interior walls are stick framed only. No interior doors, drywall, trim or floor coverings are included.
We currently offer our metal panels and trim in 27 colors. A list of our metal colors is available here: A list of metal pricing per ft is available here:
A 26 gauge panel is thicker than a 29 gauge panel. For most applications the 29 gauge panel is adequate and is by far the most widely used panel for residential and agricultural use.
If the building is enclosed, we recommend using a double bubble wrap to help prevent condensation that can occur when there is a difference in temperature between the two sides of a metal panel. If the building is going to be heated or cooled, we recommend installing fiberglass insulation or foam insulation. These two options have a significant R-value and will help maintain a constant temperature in the building by impeding heat transfer. Depending on your needs, we offer various insulation options that differ in thickness. For example, vinyl-back fiberglass insulation is an excellent option for buildings that need a moderate degree of insulation.
We don’t construct the building ourselves. However, we have quality independent contractors ready to build your next project. Be sure to ask one of our salesman about licensed and insured independent contractors available in your area should you have specific qualifications necessary for your project.
The customer is responsible for providing any gravel needed to prepare the concrete pad base.
No, but we can help you get an estimate for the materials and put you in contact with one of our preferred independent contractors.
When installed properly there is not a significant difference between metal roofs and other roofing types such as asphalt shingles or wood shakes.
We manufacture and stock metal trim in a wide array of configurations to meet almost any building requirement. A complete list of our metal trim pricing is available here: A chart of all available trim measurments & specs is available here: